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NDG understands how information and communication technology (ITC) play an important role in generating economic opportunities. Our company also recognizes the recent global shift towards Green IT and the impact it has on e-business. Our ITC projects take into consideration the environmental impact these projects can have on a community and we take the initiative to suggest frameworks to ensure that vendors, and public and private businesses comply with principles and practices that mirror the Green IT model and comply with government regulations and corporate social responsibilities.

At NDG we value the importance of e-business and we support countries undertaking e-readiness initiatives by offering information and communication technology (ICT) solutions that enable users to connect and have access to the internet both nationally and internationally. NDG also works hard to ensure that the ICT have the proper network security to protect e-business.

NDG offers several models to allow countries to transition from traditional business to e-business efficiently.  NDG’s professional and experienced team has a solid understanding of the digital economy and applies these principles to the development, upgrade, and continuous operation of a company’s ICT.


NDG also implements medical information system solutions. Whether it’s data storage, customized systems, health record security, or computer-based processing, NDG provides strategies for the future of health care technology and executes remote monitoring systems to help reorganize and innovate access to health care information.

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