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NDG’s energy development projects strive to create projects that:

  1. Promote energy efficiency by reducing carbon pollution and offering greener solutions

  2. Provide clean air energy solutions that can benefit humans and livestock and indirectly aid in health improvements

  3. Offer businesses and home owners sensible energy cost reduction plans

Climate change and clean energy have been on the agenda for the White House for some time. Solar energy is the solution many state agencies are taking to reduce carbon pollution by over 30 million tons a year.  Solar solutions can be financially affordable for single family housing projects as well as  multifamily and commercial development projects.

NDG offers innovative development plans for any project. So whether the goal is to reduce energy waste in common meter buildings, or to fulfill a company’s mission to Go Green, NDG’s experts can create the right innovative solar development plan to improve your business’s energy efficiency.


NDG’s wind energy projects not only combat global warming and reduce fossil fuel consumption, but also work indirectly towards improving the health of individuals that live and work in rural environments by reducing pollution. Wind turbines capture the kinetic energy produced by the wind and convert it into electricity. This allows rural power plants to reduce the production of greenhouse gas when coal and gas are converted into power and thus indirectly support the health of livestock, crops, and citizens in the rural areas where these factories and industrial plants are located.

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